With the 2019 ITS World Congress less than a month away, SMART Highways magazine editor Paul Hutton returns with the latest Talking Transport podcast looking ahead to the event.  

In this podcast, Paul talks to one of the few people to has been to every World Congress, Prof Eric Sampson, about what to expect in Singapore and what we can learn from the country’s transport challenges and solutions.

We chat to three of our sponsors, AGD Systems about detection systems that don’t involve digging up the road surface, SWARCO chat about a new urban mobility system called SWARCO MyCity and there’s an explanation from PTV about why transport modelling is now helping real time traffic management.

We get some words of wisdom from Didier Gorteman, Congress Director at ERTICO – ITS Europe, about why you should head to Singapore even if it’s a long and expensive journey because it will save you money in the long run – and we get a brilliant guide to Singapore from the CEO of Newcastle University in Singapore who tells us all about what to expect there.

There’ll be another Talking Transport in two weeks’ time.